This series is a way of reacting to the minutiae of my uncontrollable and often difficult to understand conscious and unconscious thoughts.

The works in this series attempt to reveal, at least in part, the sources, signs and suppositions of human behavior. The paths we take, the lives we lead and the decisions we make are born of many foundations both learned and innate. The wild card is the collective unconscious. This is the entity that Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell talk about as being the source of shared myths and symbols. I like to think I have two basic opportunities to make decisions in my life. One is within a social platform and the other is in the studio.

Hampden Gallery, UMASS/Amherst, Amherst, MA
September 10, 2017

The Shift Paintings are works informed by a constant stream of unprompted thoughts and images that are adjusted and utilized by want and appeal. Some of the paintings have direct links to past masterworks, while others address more current cultural observations as I believe there is a definite link between all artists through the collective unconscious.

Urchins depict people and animals that live marginalized existences socially, economically, psychologically, and emotionally. The use of repurposed and discarded materials to create these sculptures enhances the ‘forgotten’ state of the street urchin.

The Graffoos combine the destructive/creative approach of graffiti with the esthetics of the tattoo. They consist of a linear design painted over a completed, sometimes abandoned painting, or on a redesigned photograph in the case of the archival pigment prints. This revisiting of the surface, which results in a uniting of opposing esthetics as one moment or thought, serves as a system of self and/or social analysis. 

Post Apocalyptic Tattoos are one view of the future, as filtered through the designs of a tattoo artist. The significant mutations seen in the anatomy of the various characters depicted are the result of centuries of exposure to transgenics in foods and various pollutants.

The Reverse Collages are a series of layered works whereby newspaper, book or magazine pages are adhered to wood panels or Plexiglas, then torn or eroded to reveal some or all of the underside text and images. The painted areas, which are most often geometric hard edge, are designed to place the simple layouts of the collage elements within a modern or contemporary esthetic.

The Vessel Series explores the many ways to define the term "vessel" in the abstract.

For most of my art career, I've tried to find a balance between my passion for so called low brow art and my awareness of established art world academics.