D. Dominick Lombardi is an artist, writer and curator. Before Covid, he was represented by Kim Foster Gallery, New York, NY. Currently, Lombardi is represented by  Prince Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is currently looking for representation in NYC. In addition to those types of relationships, Lombardi has been a part a series of exhibitions, curating shows at a variety of institutions including the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL; and the Hampden Gallery in Amherst, MA.

Feature articles and reviews of Lombardi's exhibitions have appeared in The Weird Show (part 1 of 3), The Weird Show (part 2 of 3), The Weird Show (Part 3 of 3), The Long Island City/Astoria JournalArt Spiel, dartSculpture, WHITEHOT (Canada), ARTES magazineARTnews, The New York Times, artscope, O2magazine (China), Creative LoafingPost Road Magazine (issue 19), Post Road Magazine (issue 20)nyartbeat, The Advocate & Greenwich Time, The M magazine, Time Out New YorkSkin & Ink, The Record Review, Art New England, San Antonio Express, San Antonio Current, Riverdale PressArt in Culture (S.Korea), ZING magazine, THE NEW YORK GAHO (cover and feature-Japan), Poetry and Thought (Japan), ANIMALmagazine, artnet, NYARTS magazine,, NY Arts Journal, and BLURRED VISION (cover art issue #1 and interior pages issues #1-3).   

Lombardi has written features and art criticisms that have been published in the The Brooklyn RailNew Art Examiner, Art & Antiques, Two Coats of PaintThe WeirdShowWhitehotARTESThe Huffington Post, ARTslant, Art Experience NYC, Public Art and Ecology Magazine (China)The New York Times, Sculpture, Sculpture Review, d'ART (U.S. Editor), Art in Asia (S.Korea), Art Papers, Art Lies, ARTnews, & magazine, Juxtapoz, New Art Examiner, Art New England, NYARTS magazine, culturecatch and others. 
As a curator, Lombardi has worked with numerous artists on such shows as A Horse Walks Into a Bar, I Am..., Foodie FeverWaterworks, Where to Draw the LinePhoto A Go-GoParallel FieldsNatural Impact, Water Over the BridgePattern, Power, Chaos and QuietFree Form Five, Emily Berger: Rhythm and LightSelf Indulgence, Counterpoints to the Narrative (artes review) (culturecatch review), Duchamp's Plumbing, Tondo, Tondo, Tondo, NewCopenYorkSPORTSVERGNÜGENFacie: Self Portraiture Interpreted by 25 Artists, Raid Envy, Exquisite Porch (creative loafing review)Through the Veil of the Soul, Shaky Ground (artes review(culturecatch review)HEAD (Hampden Gallery/UMASS Amherst)reVision, A Tangled WebHEAD (Bosi Contemporary, NY, New York), Eye on the Storm, In Their Own World, Kerosene GardenMonkey Spoon (culturecatch review)Anonymous (culturecatch review), Suspect ReasonNature Calls, The Intelligent Design Project, Bóm: How art can disrupt, reorient or destroy, Art Noir, Fear is a Four Letter Word, Speaking in Strings: Ken Butler & Kurt Coble, Scapes, Critics Select I & II, The Reality Show, East Vs West, Over the Top - Under the Rug, FUNKADELICIDE, The Impact of War, The Waking Dream, Obsession (Food), Lights - Sound - Action!, The Tradition of Icons, and Champions of Modernism: Non- Objective Art of the1930s & 40s and Its Legacy.
Catalogs and Books: I Am..., High+Low: A Forty Five Year Retrospective (Review of High + Low)(Review of High + Low), UnfoldingobjectWater Over the Bridge,  Saints, Sinners and the Collective Unconscious (artscope review) (culturecatch review)The Right to be HumanSPORTSVERGNÜGEN, Facie: Self-Portraiture Interpreted by 25 Artists, Raid Envy, Tattooed Tokyo: a Combination of Factors...Exquisite PorchThrough the Veil of the SoulShaky GroundreVisionHEAD (Hampden Gallery/UMASS AmherstA Tangled WebHEADEye on the Storm, Hidden Worlds, Post Apocalyptic Tattoo comic book, Under the InfluencePost Road/Issue #19, Apocalyptic PopCharacters: Scene I and II, Contemporary Korean Artists in New York, Accelerating on the Curves/The Artist's Roadmap to Success,